While the Whacking Day event has been a bit glitchy, getting twice the number of snakes from your Snake Rocks (the fourth prize) is no glitch. If this happens to you, it’s because you have great friends who know just how to help you.

The three daily actions in a friend’s town include tapping on buildings, vandalizing or cleaning up graffiti, reviving dead crops, and regenerating the lemon tree. But during Whacking Day, one of the most helpful things you can do is tap on anything you see that generates snakes whenever you can. You get a small cash and XP collection, but the benefit to your friend is much greater.

Just like the buildings, you can only tap on the Snake Rocks, Stumps and Logs because they’re ready to be tapped on and your friend hasn’t done so yet. Your tap restarts the snake-regeneration timer, even if your friend does nothing else. And another tap four hours later starts it yet again.

That’s why you sometimes see the double snake icon above your snake-generators – not because there’s a glitch but because, while you’ve been away from the game, a couple of friends have stopped by and tapped on it. And with the prize targets so high, this is probably one of the most helpful things they could do for you other than leave you piles of eggs!