One small change to the game with the recent updates that’s largely gone unnoticed is the change to the fences. While you can’t turn them in any more directions, they can now overlap.

Prior to the recent updates, this is the best you could do (look at how the fence doesn’t quite reach the road – you could do nothing to make that happen unless there were two complete squares free):

That you couldn’t get them to overlap often meant jutting corners and fences that didn’t quite reach where you wanted them to reach.

Now, overlap is possible with all your fences (not just the iron railings, as was previously the case), as you can see here:

Yes, you still can’t build anything right up against the fence in the area it sits. But now it’s possible to tidy the fence line on all your properties simply because the individual pieces can now overlap.

For those new to the game, this wasn’t possible prior to the recent updates (and believe me, I tried enough times!), and was a source of minor annoyance. And while this may not seem like a big thing for people who don’t play the town design aspect of the game, for people who take pride in their Springfield, I’m sure it will be a very welcome change.

Update: I’ve been able to do this my moving fence pieces. Try building your fence first without trying to overlap anything, and then, when you’re done, go into the move menu. When you move the fence pieces, you should be able to get them to overlap.