Once you’ve collected all 10 prizes, your prize screen changes and this is what you see:

So, after some fairly intense whacking in airport lounges over the past few days, I got my first Whack Box today. Despite knowing the odds of getting anything halfway decent, I was just a little bit excited:

I was a little less than excited when I found out what I had won:


As I’m at what’s currently the top level of the game, $750 is not really a big deal, although it might be if you’re at the stage of the game where one building is opening up after another. And that’s really the point of this post because, as you may recall, these are the odds:

Possible Prize Odds
$750 35%
$1000 30%
1 donut 20%
2 donuts 10%
3 donuts 5%

All you really get after the 10th prize is a chance to win donuts for every 1000 snakes you collect. If everything goes brilliantly, you could pick up 30 of them over the 10 Whack Boxes. The worst case scenario is 0 donuts and $5000. And honestly, because I don’t need the cash, I’m really not sure that the Whack Boxes are worth the time and effort involved in getting them.

By the way, nothing very special seems to happen if you get them all. As far as I can see, there’s no cheering, fanfares, or downpours of donuts – just a congratulations message from EA and a moment or two to wonder what really happened to your life for the last few weeks. The snakes stay though until the event is over and there’s nothing it sight to turn your eggs and snakes into cash or donuts.