Following the post on whether Gil will be back soon, a number of newer players have quite reasonably asked about who Gil is in the game and what he does. Here’s a partial repost from earlier this month, with some additions:

Gil Gunderson, Springfield’s hapless salesman, is a temporary character in the game and only ever appears for a few days to offer special deals on promotional items that will help him feed his kids. He first appeared in the game back in December last year and, since then, he’s been back only 3 more times. Here’s the history of Gil’s deals:

1. Christmas Special – 19-22 December, 2012
Santa’s Village and Santa Homer for the standard price of 200 donuts, but with a Holiday Tree worth 75 donuts thrown in.

2. Donut Offer – 23-28 December, 2012
Up to a 25% discount on day-old donuts. You can read all about this particular deal here.

3. A Sign and Doom – 11-14 January, 2013
The Volcano Lair and the Springfield Sign for 250 donuts. As the normal price of the two combined is 370 donuts, this was probably one of the best of Gil’s deals to date.

4. Nerd Farm – 22-25 February, 2013
Frink’s Lab plus a Homer Buddha and $50,000 bonus for 250 donuts, which Gil claimed to be have a 490 donut value. You can see my thoughts on this here. (For some players, this deal seems to have been called “The Science Fund”.)

Gil appears to both Apple and Android players – and in fact his reappearance in the Android version of the game shortly after its launch in February seems to have been responsible for many Android players’ first experience of unprompted crashing!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Gil, and I fully expect him to return before long. And with the Duff Stadium as a Whacking Day prize, if his deal doesn’t involve Duffman, then EA are missing a trick!

P.S.: The sad thing about Gil’s salesman role is that we may never see him as a permanent characater in the game.