A number of Android players have commented that they can’t buy donuts. Here’s a comment that cam in from dm753 suggesting one reason why that might be. While I’m not suggesting that it’s the entire answer to the problem, it could suggest an answer in some cases:

For Android users unable to purchase donuts:

I moved over from playing TSTO on an iPad to playing on an Android (something about gravity, a falling bicycle and a defenseless iPad glass screen forced the issue…)

Anyway… I’ve been unable to purchase donuts at all, as the email associated with TSTO on my iPad differs from the email I use for the Google Play store. I attempted to create a similarly named account with Google Play, but still no luck with donut purchases. On digging deeper, it appears that not only do both (TSTO and Google) email addresses need to be the same, but in addition, your Google Play account must be a @gmail.com address in order to tie in with Google Wallet and, thus, enable in-app purchases.

This is a major problem as I would really like to purchase the Snake Log and Snake Stump. I need more of them critters to whack – and both Origin’s and EA’s websites have been a complete dead end so far.

I guess until this issue is resolved, I’ll have to spend my money elsewhere (like on REAL donuts!).

Any additional advice for Android players on how to resolve this problem would be appreciated.