Getting a message that your other device didn’t save can be worrying – particularly if you don’t have another device. I posted this a couple of months ago (which is why the splash screen on the first screen shot looks different), but there have been reports of the problem resurfacing, and I experienced it myself this morning, so here it is again. And it’s really worth reading the comments as well…

Sometimes, if your internet connection drops while you’re playing the game, you’ll get this message:

Don’t worry – if you really don’t have another device, it’s still safe to proceed. Tap on “play now” and you’ll see this message:

If you don’t have another device, it’s generally safe to tap “Continue” – there’s usually no progress lost at all.

I’ve no idea why this happens, and I saw it a lot during the harp fixes. It’s just one of those annoying little glitches in our game that are occasionally sent to test our patience, I guess.

By the way, if you actually do have another device, it’s perfectly normal to see this message. All you have to do is do what it tells you and everything should be okay.