A little reported glitch in the game is one that’s being going on for some time now. It doesn’t affect everyone – in fact there are only a few reports of this. But given the number of reports that I’ve seen in the past few days, I agree with one poster that it deserves more attention. And that’s the missing characters glitch.

A number of people have reported characters just going missing and finding them back in the build menu or the premium store. This happened to me in my secondary game with Comic Book Guy. I build the Android’s Dungeon and unlocked Comic Book Guy, only to find when I next went into the game that they were both back in the store, which meant I had to buy and build the Android’s Dungeon all over again to unlock Comic Book Guy for a second time. In the last week particularly, there have been scattered reports of people who’ve had similar experiences.

There are also reports of something similar with premium characters – people buying the Squeaky Voice Teen or Bumblebee Man and finding that they end up right back in the premium store. While this kind of thing is frustrating with free characters, it’s far more than that when you’ve actually paid real-world cash for the character.

There’s not much you can do if you lose a free character except contact EA. But what about if your premium character goes missing? In that case, as well as contacting EA through their help page, you should also contact Apple or Google Play for a refund on an in-app purchase that was received then taken back due to a game glitch. This falls within the refund policies or both, but you may need to follow up repeatedly (it seems to depend very much on the person handling your claim). Don’t just send an email and wait – very little ever seems to happen if you just wait for a response. Be as proactive as you can. And remember the importance of this – Apple/Google Play are also likely to draw the issue to EA’s attention.

It’s worth stressing that the glitch is not widespread and it’s relatively unlikely to arise in any given premium purchase. But if it does, involve Apple or Google Play as well as EA and actively follow up if you want to make sure that you get a resolution.