When we left Fat Tony, he had just started building his compound (you can read part 1 of the walkthrough here). 36 hours later, his rather palatial residence is complete, and Legs and Louie are back. Read on to see what happens next:

1. Badfellas Legs and Louie return and Fat Tony welcomes them back. Assured that they’ve kept their law-breaking skills sharp, he’s now looking forward to bleeding the town they all love dry. But first, it’s important to toast their touching reunion – so the three of them go off to drink at Moe’s for 8 hours. Keep Bart free as they finish.

2. El-Bartito’s Way With Fat Tony and the gang back, Bart sees an opportunity:

Legs: Maybe. Do you know how to mix a Manhattan?
Bart: Umm…booze, some hooch, and then whiskey?
Legs: That’s pretty close, boss. I’ll vouch for him.
Fat Tony: Congratulations, urchin. You are my new bartender.
Bart spends the next 24 hours at the Businessman’s Club serving Manhattans. Keep Marge and Fat Tony free as he finishes.

3. Casino Racino Marge really isn’t happy about her son’s involvement with the mob. As well as suspending Bart’s TV privileges for a week, she decides to take the matter up with Mayor Quimby:

Marge: There are even reports of unsavory characters down at the dog track. Of all places!
Mayor Quimby: Marge, I promise you – this office will not rest until it looks like we’re doing something about the whatever-you’re-on-about. In fact, I’m so against corruption that many people say “Corruption” is my middle name.
Marge: Hmmmm…
So, Marge spends 24 hours protesting while Fat Tony spends 2 hours at the track fixing races. Keep Luigi free as they finish.

More to come…