Yesterday I posted on something that may or may not happen with the game, and the seashore in particular, at some time that may or may not be in the next few months.

There’s a little more information just below the picture, but it is very, very spoilery – so if you’re reading this on the home page, you have the opportunity to NOT click or tap on the link below the picture if you DON’T want to know any more than the simple fact that something is coming. And if you’re already on the post page, and you really don’t like spoilers, this is your chance to leave quickly.

Itazura dramas (10)
There’s a quest line in the files called Squidport and this is how it seems to go:
Squidport Pt. 1 Buy Water Expansion – The dialog here includes a conversation where Lisa says: “It’d be nice to see our town finally stretch down to the water”
Squidport Pt. 2 Place Squidport Entrance – This includes another tutorial on setting up the waterfront just like those we had at the beginning of the game.
Squidport Pt. 3 Place Boardwalk Sections
Squidport Pt. 4 Make Homer Swear at the Ocean
Squidport Pt. 5 Build the Itchy & Scratchy Store – with a reminder that you have to put Squidport buildings on the boardwalk or the pirate guy will get mad!
Squidport Pt. 6 Build a Boardwalk Section at the Squidport Entrance
Squidport Pt. 7 Build Malaria Zone – as Lisa says: “The boardwalk used to have a place that sold camping supplies.”
Squidport Pt. 8 Have Boardwalk Lamppost / Have Boardwalk Trees / Have Boardwalk Fences
Squidport Pt. 9 Build Just Rainsticks – a cultural imports store.
Squidport Pt. 10 Have a Street Performer
Squidport Pt. 11 Build the Frying Dutchman – the crowning jewel of Squidport, apparently
Squidport Pt. 12 Build a Hot Dog Stand
Squidport Pt. 13 Build Turban Outfitters (which includes a side-quest for Apu)
Squidport Pt. 14 Build My First Tattoo (which includes a side-quest for Bart and Milhouse)
Squidport Pt. 15 Build Much Ado About Muffins
Squidport Pt. 16 Build Crypto Barn – a store whose name doesn’t explain what products they sell

That seems to end this particular quest. But remember it’s just scripts at this stage and it’s still something that may or may not happen.