A couple of people have asked for some ideas for what to do with the Legitimate Businessman’s Club, which makes it a perfect candidate for a “What have you done with…?” post.

Mine is sitting between Springfield Downs and the Duff Stadium, making it a convenient location for Fat Tony and his gang to monitor two of their major income sources – fixing races and fixing baseball games (although there’s only a task for the first!). It’s next to Lugash’s Gym, to allow for convenient workouts without undue interuption the the business day, and it’s just up the road from Krustylu Studios just in case they want to get involved in the movie business. Both Asia de Cuba and Luigi’s are a short walk away:

What have you done with yours? Send a screenshot through Twitter to @TSTOTips where I’m back to checking in once a day now that the pace of game change has slowed, or upload your screenshot to an image site and post a link in the comments below. And if you can’t do either of those, just tell us all what you’ve done!