Once you’ve made the 6th prize level and built the Duff Stadium, there’s a very short quest featuring Homer and, if you have him, Duffman. Don’t worry if you don’t have Duffman, though – having or not having a premium character has no impact on your progress through the free game.

So, here’s the walkthrough of the Duff Stadium quest, America’s Former Pastime:

1. America’s Former Pastime Part 1 All you have to do is collected 4,250 whacked snakes and you’ll win Duff Stadium (all!):

You should be able to find it in your Inventory:

All you need to do then is place it and wait for the 24 hours it takes to build. Keep Homer free as it finishes.

2. America’s Former Pastime Part 2 Homer is more than a little happy about this:

Homer: I can’t wait to smell the grass . . . after I drink too much and fall over the railing onto it.
And Homer goes off to the Stadium to spend 24 hours drinking lots of beer and yellling at the Umpire.

The quest ends there unless you have Duffman. If you have him, there’s just one more part to go (I told you it was a short quest):

3. America’s Former Pastime Part 3 Homer isn’t the only Springfield citizen who’s overjoyed by the re-construction of the Duff Stadium:

Duffman takes the opportunity to try out some new promotional tech at the Stadium in true Duffman style for the next 2 hours (reminding everyone of why he’s coming top of this week’s premium character poll here).