This post is for Asher with apologies for taking so long to get to it (although I’ve touched on this topic in the comments and in other posts).

The Elite Whacking License costs 50 Donuts and allows you to whack up to 10 snakes in a friends’ town. Is it worth the price, though, or would it be better to try to get all the 10 prizes without spending a single donut? Here are some points in its favor:

1. If you have 100 friends, at 10 snakes each that’s about 1000 snakes available for you to whack each day. Together with the snakes spawning in your own town, this would easily help you to reach all the prize targets without having to spend a single donut more (assuming 2/3 turn into snakes and 1/3 turn into snake eggs).
2. That’s double the number of snakes your Expert Whacking License gives you so, assuming you have 100 friends, you would only need to visit 50 friends each day to gather the same amount of snakes as you would with an Expert Whacking License.
3. If you only have time to whack snakes 2 or 3 times a day, the Elite Whacking License can help you make better use of that time.
4. The Elite License allows you to feel okay about not whacking those last one or two elusive snakes that you can never seem to track down in each town, which ultimately saves you a bit of time.
5. And that’s the final point in its favor, really: more snakes whacked in one go means less time spent on the game and more time doing other things. And I think we can all agree that Whacking Day is proving to be far more time-intensive than we were all expecting.

And here’s why you might decide to pass on it:

1. It’s a donut spend for things that are freely obtainable with a bit of effort. Because the prizes are all completely free if you whack enough snakes, that means spending donuts on anything to help you get them faster really only serves to make them that bit less free.
2. You are well on target and really don’t need to spend money on anything to get you there.
3. You are perfectly comfortable spending more donuts to get the prize levels you don’t achieve through whacking – in other words, you prefer to wait and see.
4. Your only friends are Other Springfield and (perhaps) a handful of others, which means that if you’re prone to donut expenditure, snake-generating items are probably much more useful.

As someone with limited whacking time, I like the boost the Elite Whacking License gives me. Visiting friends takes so long, with the daily actions, whacking snakes and leaving eggs all combining to make it an extremely time-consuming activity. For me, the Elite License makes it time well spent.