I think my right index finger is getting a bit callused – I’m really not looking forward to seeing the state it’s going to be in by the time May 9 rolls around.

This post is going up when it’s the morning of Monday, 22 April in the Americas and many people on the Eastern Seaboard are already at work or school after a busy weekend of catch-up snake whacking. Remember the rules: to get the first level of prizes, you need 12,500 snakes before the event ends – and to get all the Whack Boxes as well you need 22,500 of them. That means you need to put snakes into your inventory at an average rate around 431 snakes a day every day throughout the event. To get all the Whack Boxes as well, you need to gather around 775 snakes every day. April 22 is Day 12 (is it only Day 12?) so this is roughly what you’ll need by the time North, Central and South Americans are having that last beer / glass of wine / tea / hot chocolate etc. and heading off to bed:

To get all the 10 prizes: you’ll need to have put 5,172 snakes in your inventory. The Pet Snake is within your grasp!
To get all the prizes and all 10 Whack Boxes: you’ll need to have put 9,300 snakes in your inventory. Tatum is almost yours!

And here’s some really good advice from Robert:
Check your friends through Lisa’s task if they are maxed out do not leave them eggs then checked when they last signed on if they have not been playing remove them they are not leaving you eggs Make new friends through the Add menu on this blog. Watch your friends progress through Lisa’s task. Be careful not to delete those low egg users under you if they have not signed on they may be having problems signing on just track them. Do not leave eggs for those way higher than today’s number 5172 they will make the prizes. Concentrate on those playing and making progress. With a little help from our friends…

This is all based on the following: For most people, the event actually began on April 11. From then, it’s 29 days until the currently scheduled event conclusion, while could be any time on May 9 in the US. While there’s always a possibility it may be extended due to all the glitches in the first week of the event, it’s not something we can count on at this stage. But if you’re a little behind these numbers and want to give yourself your own daily average, just work out the number of snakes you need to get to the prize level you’re aiming for and divide it by the number of days until May 9.