Just a reminder to people working through the game that the Whacking Day update seems to have messed up the normal progression of quests and tasks in the game for many players. This means that the usual prompts are not appearing when they should and buildings and characters at later levels are opening well before those at earlier levels.

This seems to be happening at all stages of the game from level 15 all the way up to level 27. There have been comments today that Carl and Lenny’s quest is only half completed before Fat Tony’s quest begins. And the already complicated route to the Hospital is being complicated further by the game jumping straight to the Channel 6 build.

All I can suggest at the moment is patience. I’m fairly sure that this is a glitch and not a new mode of operation for the game (after all, you need earlier level characters in most cases to progress at later levels). It seems that the prompts you need do come up eventually, just not necessarily at the right time or in the right order. As with all these glitches, it’s worth letting EA know – because they can’t do anything about them unless they know about them and have an appreciation of how widespread they are.

You can read an earlier post on this topic here – and scan through the comments as well so you can be prepared for what may or may not happen with the progression of your own game.


Note: The normal strategy when a character you know is meant to prompt the next task isn’t doing that, is to put the character into storage and then take him/her out again. This works only occasionally with this glitch.