I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that the snakes respawn every 8 minutes until there are 50 snakes in your Springfield and it’s officially overrun with snakes. Usually it’s just one snake but sometimes it’s two, with the respawn happening just offscreen so that your new snakes suddenly appear out of thin air. But what happens if you’re at work or sleeping and can’t check into your game? Do you miss out on getting some of those free snakes once your Springfield is at maximum snake capacity?

Listen very carefully when you go to tap on the snakes in your town tomorrow morning. Depending on how long you slept, you’ll hear the respawn sound every time you whack the first half or more. It seems that the snakes that haven’t been able to respawn while you’re away from the game have been waiting patiently in a queue for you to clear a space for them. This means that first thing in the morning, you may find yourself being able to whack far more than 50 snakes.

I suspect that there’s a maximum for this (possibly 99 or 100), so you probably won’t be able to catch up completely if you’re away from the game for several days, although any confirmation (or otherwise) on this would be appreciated. But at least the game seems to have something built into it that acknowledges that there are other things most of us need to be doing in our lives than simply whacking snakes!