Springfield’s newest high-end restaurant, the Asia de Cuba is available for 100 donuts in your premium store as part of the level 28 update.

One consideration in buying a premium anything is how useful it is. Earning rent and boosting your Gluttony rating is one thing – it’s a more attractive option, though, if your characters actually use it. After all, who would be completely happy about spending their precious donuts on a restaurant only to find that it’s essentially a premium Pimemto Grove (how that place stays in business, I don’t know!)?

The good news is that at least two characters take the opportunity to sample Asia de Cuba’s cuisine. This is the venue of choice for both Legs and Louie to discuss private business in public in their 3-hour tasks. Fat Tony still prefers Luigi’s, but Legs and Louie have opted for something a little more up-market.

The restaurant doesn’t have any animation to show when it’s occupied. It does have a color and lighting change, though. The top screenshot shows the restaurant as it normally is. The one below shows how it looks when Legs and/or Louie are dining there and having a conversation that you’d probably rather not overhear: