That, like a lot of questions, is a very good one. And having just made my first foray into the game scripts since the Whacking Day update came through, there are some very interesting indications that something may or may not happen with the seashore at some point sometime in the next couple of months. Of course it may not mean that the seashore is opening at all – it could just be a whole range of “near the shore” options for us.

If you don’t want to know anything, read the next post (there’s a lot here today as there have been so many questions that needed an answer). But if you’re reading this on the homepage, click or tap on the link below the picture to find out more – because thar be spoilers ahead.

Here are some of the buildings, characters and decorations that are in the files (some for the first time) that are seashore or boardwalk related:

Sea Captain
Fiddler (part of a Boardwalk Performers set)
Fire-eater (part of a Boardwalk Performers set)
Human Statue (part of a Boardwalk Performers set)
Handsome Pete (part of a Boardwalk Performers set)
Juggler (part of a Boardwalk Performers set)

The Frying Dutchman
Coffee Kart
Fried Dough Stand
Hot Dog Stand
Ice Cream Stand

Boardwalk bench
Boardwalk Fence
Boardwalk Fountain
Boardwalk Lamp Post
Boardwalk Tree
Ferris Wheel

There are a few other interesting things as well and I’ll share those with you once I’ve had time to have a closer look.