This came in from Nici a few days ago and, based on some comments in the last day or so, I think many people will find it helpful:

With the introduction of Whacking Day to Tapped Out and the much anticipated expansion of Origin to Android users, there has been a significant increase in players experiencing problems and numerous glitches, some of which have been discussed here already. There has been 2 recent App Store/Google Play updates and an in game update which seem to have also caused issues for some people. A lot of the problems seem to have been resolved with the second update, but there are always those few who continue to have their games act strangely. In light of these issues I thought it would be useful to discuss some of the ways to reset or restart the game to try and resolve the problems. Often these strategies do work and then you can continue on as normal.

The first thing is not to panic and immediately think that you have lost your game or snakes etc. Close the game straight away if you see ‘0 snakes/eggs’, the start-up screen from the very first level or anything else that rings alarm bellls.

Try hard closing the game and reopening.

For Apple devices double click the home button, hold down the Tapped Out icon until it shows the little red cross in the top left corner and press on it. Then try reopening the game.

For Android users open the Applications tab and tap Settings, and next tap Applications. Tap Manage Applications, in the list of running applications, select the application you wish to close and tap Force Stop. Reopen the game.

You can also try logging in on a different device if you have one, iPhone to iPad for example.

If hard closing didn’t work try deleting and reinstalling the game from the App Store/Google Play. As long as you are an Origin user you should be able to log back in and find your game as you left it, hopefully restored.

If neither of these suggestions resulted in your game opening at your current level and you see the opening sequence, let it run through until you are able to access the Origin button, then log in using your username and password. Origin should save your game where you left it.

Another trick that can sometimes work is just to give the game time to reset itself. Try putting it down for a couple of hours after hard closing and then come back to it. Hopefully a miracle has occurred.

If you try all the usual tricks and your game still isn’t behaving itself you have 2 options. Contact EA Games about the issue and suspend your game playing or just accept it and start again from wherever you are in the game.

Tapped Out is a massive game with millions of people playing and there are always bound to be problems when updates and events are released. If you do experience an issue with the game; try the suggestions above one at a time and be patient. Hopefully all will be well when you log back in.

Thanks Nici! And Any has added another important point – even if you manage to fix or solve a problem yourself, you ought to notify EA of the issue anyway (with full details… what phone you have, which version of android or iOS you’re running, how far in the game you had got etc.) so they can look into it. They can’t fix problems they don’t know about.