I’ll be doing a full post on the Rich Texan soon, but it’s important to know that there may be a glitch in one of the tasks that makes up his quest. He needs to ride on a mechanical bull, which is a great animation, but for some people he really seems to have trouble staying on. As soon as you’re not looking, he’s off it and you need to start all over again.

This is very similar to the glitch that people are seeing with Smithers and Burns exercising together. The problem is that the Rich Texan’s task is 12 hours and it takes 6 donuts to skip over the task, which seems to be the only way to complete it.

My advice would be that unless you don’t mind spending 85 donuts on him and then 6 more to get through the task, to hold off buying him until the glitch is fixed, despite the fact that he’s a great character. It’s important to relize, though, that not everyone is experiencing this glitch (as you can see from the comments below) and that your Rich Texan may be perfectly fine.

Oh – and if you’re a Tea Party supporter with no sense of humor, you may want to give him a miss altogether!