In the last 24 hours, this blog passed 3,000,000 hits – and that’s only a week after it reached 2,000,000!

It’s been an incredibly busy week with the blog (and all the other things in my life). Thanks for all your comments and questions. If you’re still waiting for an answer to your question, I promise I’ll get to it or do a post on it or both – there are rather a lot of them at the moment, as well as a lot of things to explore with the game so that I can give those answers. And thanks especially to everyone who has shared their own advice an insights in the comments on each post. I fully expect that 4 million hits will be a little longer away, though, as traffic levels settle down to 100,000 or so hits a day.

This is something I’ve been doing at each milestone: if you like what you’ve been reading, please consider making a small contribution to the upkeep and maintenance of this blog. The buttons say “Subscribe” but everything here is free and will always be. And if you made a contribution before, please don’t feel you need to ado so gain – in fact, stop reading now and go on to the next post! (In the interests of full disclosure, though, some of this will also go towards medical bills for one of my sons, who is quite seriously ill):

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