Fat Tony returned to the game with level 28 making him the first limited-time character to do so. He has quite a long series of quests, with lots of stages and sub-quests involving a lot of different characters. That means that the level 28 walkthrough will be spread over several parts. And here’s part 1, which takes you from unlocking the Businessman’s Club to unlocking Fat Tony’s Compund. You need to have Mayor Quimby free to get everything started:

1. Legitimate Business This is a rather unusual start to the quest if you don’t already have Fat Tony. Even though many players won’t have Fat Tony until the Businessman’s Club is built, Mayor Quimby begins by giving him his heartfelt (or walletfelt) thanks:

Fat Tony: Will it be satisfactory to secure the reconstruction of my headquarters?
Mayor Quimby: Easily done. The person playing this game builds whatever we ask. And pays us whatever random sum of money we demand!
Fat Tony: There’s one born every minute, I suppose.
This leads to the building of the Businessman’s Club ($189,000 and 24 hours, unlocking Fat Tony for those who don’t already have him – keep Mr. Burns and Smithers free as it finishes).

2. The Cleaner Part 1 Smithers starts off the next part of the quest by relaying to Fat Tony an invitation to dine with Mr. Burns at Burns Manor. Fat Tony asks Smithers to convey his acceptance:

Burns and Fat Tony spend 6 hours dining together (but Burns must be free at the same time for the task to begin – it’s one of those simultaneous tasks!).

3. The Cleaner Part 2 As the dinner concludes, Burns makes the purpose of the meeting clear:

Fat Tony: Just tell me who. My crack team of sociopaths will handle everything.
Burns: It’s not a “who”, it’s a “what”. Some nuclear waste I wish to dispose of.
Fat Tony: We could hide it inside a body bag. People see me burying body bags all the time. It’s kind of my thing.
Burns: Excellent.
Fat Tony then spends the next 12 hours getting rid of Burns’ problem (and keep Chief Wiggum free as he finishes).

4. The Cleaner Part 3 Chief Wiggum is on the case:

Fat Tony: I was gardening. That’s still legal in this state, is it not?
Chief Wiggum: Sure, I think. I’m not really up on what’s legal and what’s not. But if you really WERE gardening, tell me what you were planting.
Fat Tony: Plants.
Chief Wiggum: You’re good, Fat Tony. Very good. And I am correspondingly bad.
While Wiggum heads off to patrol somewhere completely different, Fat Tony spends the next hour innocently playing the violin.

5. The Cleaner Part 4 Fat Tony reports back to Burns (who doesn’t need to be free for this part of the quest):

Burns: Ugh, you Mafiosi and your favors. How come you just can’t accept money as compensation like everyone else in the world?
Fat Tony: Don’t worry – this will require money. I need to rebuild my compound so that my beloved goons will return to me. I’m tired of being a Mafia of one. My gun hasn’t had a night off in weeks.
Burns: Consider it done. Every powerful man needs his sycophantic hangers-on.
Smithers: You called for me, sir?
This starts the build of Fat Tony’s Compound ($255,000 and 36 hours, unlocking Legs and Louie).

The walkthrough will continue…