In the last few hours or so, some players seem to have received an app update through their app store. The strange thing about this particular update is that some players seems to have received it and others haven’t – including me. Players who received the update are reporting a version 4.2.3 – on the information page of my game, I’m still showing 4.2.1, with no update registering as available for my game in the App store. As updates happen globally at pretty much the same time, this is a bit odd.

You may have received the update if your game has still been a bit glitchy. I know that some players lost the Whacking Day icon and splash screen with the update earlier in the week, and this may be the reason why some people received an update and others didn’t. I’ve had no problems with my game at all since the update earlier in the week, so perhaps the update has been designed to target those with problems of this kind. I haven’t heard of an update to the game doing this before – but it’s the only thing I can suggest.

It’s unusual for an app update to be this selective – but it’s the second time that’s happened this week. To those of you who received the update, have you noticed any changes to your game?