A number of people have been commenting this week on winning prizes but not being able to find them. And in some cases there seems to be a glitch which means the game is not registering you as having won the prize at all. This problem first appeared early in the week with Fort Sensible (and you can see that post here).

The first thing to do when you can’t see a prize is to check your Inventory – you can do this by tapping on the small cardboard box on your build page. The prizes go here, rather than into your buildings or decorations menu (the exception is the Expert Whacking License – you only know you have it once it’s been won because you’re able to tap 5 snakes in friends’ towns):

If it’s not in your Inventory, try going out to your friend page and coming back into your town. Forcing your game to synchronize has been known to fix the issue, as has completely closing it and reopening, and deleting and reinstalling the game.

If it’s still not there, though, it may be lost and unfortunately there is little you can do about it other than let EA know. And if anyone has any other suggestions, as always, they’re most welcome!