Someone commenting on one of these posts suggested that they’re a bit like a snake-whacking exercise plan! So, with the day dawning on the East Coast of the US and Canada, here’s your plan for the next 24 hours or so.

Just a recap first: For most people, the event actually began on April 11. From then, it’s 29 days until the currently scheduled event conclusion, while could be any time on May 9 in the US. While there’s always a possibility it may be extended due to all the glitches in the first week of the event, it’s not something we can count on at this stage.

To get the first level of prizes, you need 12,500 snakes before the event ends – and to get all the Whack Boxes as well you need 22,500 of them. That means you need to put snakes into your inventory at an average rate around 431 snakes a day every day throughout the event. To get all the Whack Boxes as well, you need to gather around 775 snakes every day. April 20 is Day 10 so this is roughly what you’ll need by the time most people in the US are heading off to bed:

To get all the 10 prizes: you’ll need to have whacked 4,310 snakes by the end of the day in the US (this would get you the Duff Stadium).
To get all the prizes and all 10 Whack Boxes: you’ll need to have whacked 7,750 snakes by the end of the day in the US.

These numbers are naturally a little rough, as it all depends on when you actually downloaded the game and completed Homer and Lisa’s first task. Also, the first few days probably didn’t generate that many snakes – the number you have available to whack picks up slightly as the event goes on. But if you’re averaging these numbers every day, you should be able to get there – and for people in Australasia, you don’t really have to hit these numbers until somewhere around lunch time on the April 21 due to the time difference!

These posts will be appearing every day at roughly this time, when it’s morning in America. And please feel free to correct my calculations.