With level 28 here and new quests and tasks already begun – as well as those still to come for the Whacking Day event – this is a walkthrough I need to finish (and you can read the earlier parts on the Whacking Day page, here). It looks like, unless there’s something coming later, there are only two more parts though. For this part, you need Lisa, Principal Skinner. and Willie.

When we left off in the last part, Skinner had gone into hiding from Lisa for the second time. Keep Lisa free as he comes out of hiding again.

1. Whacking Day Part 12 Lisa realizes that Principal Skinner is avoiding her and comes to a decision:

Off she goes again to spend 5 hours releasing snakes from another town – and remember to send her to Other Springfield to do this (it’s all about karma after all!). Keep Principal Skinner and Willie free as she finishes.

2. Whacking Day Part 13 Skinner catches Willie doing something he really shouldn’t be doing in the vicinity of a school:

Willie: Snake venom. It makes you strong, according to the ancient Scots.
Skinner: I wonder why you never hear people talking about “the wisdom of the ancient Scot?”
Willie: Probably because they were idiots who were wrong about everything. Now shut up and let me inject myself.
Once you’ve built Willie’s shack in the regular quests, you can then send Willie to inject himself with snake venom for the next 12 hours.

That seems to be the end of the Whacking Day quest – but if anything else comes along, I’ll let you know.