As there’s so much going on for Whacking Day, I’m building the Legitimate Businessman’s Club in real time and letting the Rich Texan’s first task take the full 24 hours – but to keep everyone looking for a post on the new level 28 content happy, here’s a brief one on the premium Hot Tub.
And for those with questions in the queue, my apologies. After one of the busiest weeks ever for this game and this blog, I have a little question fatigue, so the responses may be a little slower than usual.

One of the new items for level 28 is the Hot Tub. It’s a premium item and available for a rather pricey 60 donuts – and that price alone might give you reason enough to hold off buying it.

It does exactly three things:
1. It gives you a bonus of 2.5% on all cash and XP you collect.
2. It unlocks Fat Tony’s 10-hour task to relax in the Hot Tub.
3. It looks nice.

It’s one of the most expensive of the premium decorations and it looks nice enough. But if you don’t have Fat Tony or you’re not at game level 28, it’s far from being an essential purchase. And as there’s nothing limited-time about it, it’s something that you can easily put off purchasing for the time being.

I think it’s a shame it’s a donut purchase, particularly as it’s been a couple of levels since the Rabbit Hedge, the last of the regular game decorations that you could buy for game dollars (the Whacking day decorations don’t really count). On the other hand, though, there’s still all of those Whacking Day prizes and we just had Springfield Falls, so we really haven’t done too badly….