The weekend posts are not far away and there’s still a lot of Whacking Day information to cover as well as information on Level 28. There are a lot of questions sitting in the comments as well, so please be patient while I get to those at the end of a very busy week. In the meantime, the fact that there are now even more new buildings means that people are asking again about land – so here’s a repost from a couple of months back…

For people just starting out, this may seem a ridiculous question. But for people who are creating Springfields full of wide-open and well-decorated spaces, land is fast running out. At the moment, the maximum land size for your Springfield is 13×13 squares and from that point on, there’s nothing else to do but move things a bit closer together if you want to add new buildings. (If you want to see how much the land costs at the furthest corners, take a look here.)

Will EA be adding more land to the game? My guess would be not just yet. There are still a lot of stability issues which seem to stress the servers out at every update, and these would need to resolved before larger Springfields can be safely and reliably stored. That people are now playing on a greater number of devices with a greater or lesser amounts of device memory is also a challenge. In expanding land area, EA may need to make hard decisions about what devices to support and what to leave unsupported – already a decision has been made not to support first generation iPhones and iPads.

My guess it that there will be more land available at some point in the future, although it’s difficult to say when. I also think it’s possible that the shore will open up. But whether that will happen any time soon is another question.