For the many players who for a number of weeks have been waiting at the top end of the game getting on with the Whacking Day quests with no regular ones to be going through, today will come as a relief for those on the bonus levels eager for more. An in-app update (as opposed to one on the App Store or Google Play) has downloaded itself onto your device.

There are a few new buildings – Gentleman’s Business Club, Fat Tony’s Compound and Asia de Cuba – individual posts on each in the coming days.
20130418-102937 PM.jpg
Also in the update is a new decoration – a premium hot tub – and the character Rich Texan.
20130418-102945 PM.jpg
Each of these will doubtless come with their own quests which will reveal themselves to level 28 players soon. As ever, the walkthroughs will keep on coming. As an aside, the building prices for El Chemistri and the Springfield Buddhist Temple went down to $114,400 and $148,000, respectively.

20130418-102335 PM.jpg