EA really didn’t have to give us level 28 right in the middle of Whacking Day, but here it is, with lots of new stuff:

The Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club
Fat Tony’s Compound with Legs and Louie
The Asia de Cuba Restaurant (premium)
The Rich Texan (premium)
A Hot Tub (premium)
And it seems that Lugash is no longer limited time!

And there’s more – those of you who don’t already have Fat Tony will get him as well as soon as you build the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club! And those of you who already have him will see that he has some new task:

Posts on the new quests, characters and items are on their way – but I still have a lot of whacking to do, but the posts on the level 28 quests will begin to appear over the weekend. Now to go and buy a bit more land and wait for all those non-Whacking Day characters to finish their 12-hour tasks. Mayor Quimby needs to be free to kick things off, though…