A few people have asked this question, and the point is a very, very simple one – it’s all about variety and a bit of fun! The prizes add to that fun by giving you Gymnastics Lisa as the third prize and Bare-Chested Willie as the eighth prize.

In those long gaps between levels and events where nothing much new happens in the game, it’s nice to be able to send characters off on different tasks of the same length rather than sending them on the same ones over and over again. Even after Whacking Day is over, you’ll still be able to make Lisa walk the Balance Beam or Willie wrestle snakes and bring a little bit of variety to their otherwise fairly monotonous routines. They’re not premium costumes because they didn’t cost you donuts – but they do give your characters something a little different to do even after Whacking Day is over.

And as a side note, while Lisa’s costume doesn’t earn you snakes, Willie’s does!

P.S.: Just in case you missed it, there may be one more costume appearing soon – a new suit for Moe for promote the episode Whiskey Business, currently scheduled to air on May 5!