Sideshow Bob has been making more regular reappearances in a number of people’s games since the update – it used to be that you saw him once at around level 6, and then never again. But now, in an enhancement unrelated to the Whacking day storyline, he seems to keep on escaping. And, what’s more, he can reappear in your game at any time – even when you’re not actually playing it!

If you do see him, whack him and get a cash and XP reward. And if you see him in a friend’s town, you should probably do the same. Sideshow Bob has an impact on your righteousness rating (this is most definitely in the files) and is a criminal you need to keep off the streets, so you’re doing yourself and your friend a favor by capturing him. Sure, your friend won’t get the reward if you capture him in their town – but they won’t get a hit to their righteousness rating either.

At this stage, it’s difficult to say whether he’ll ever be a permanent character – I think it would be great and there’s certainly scope for an entertaining quest involving Sideshow Bob and Bart. In the meantime, though, don’t let him get away.