As the post below says, you need 3017 snakes in your inventory by the end of Thursday in the US to be on target to get all 10 prizes. While it does get easier (particularly when you win the Snake Rocks), a number of people are worried whether they’re every going to make it without staying home from work or school until May 9.

Robert has made a brilliant suggestion that I can take absolutely no credit for that involves all of us helping each other to get there. Not only is it so simple, it makes use of the information you get in Lisa’s “Release snakes” task to actually help your friends (particularly the ones you’ve made through here) rather than hurt them!

Here’s what Robert says:

I think we may be missing the point of her releasing egg tasks: KARMA (remember you just got a Buddist Temple). It shows you which of your friends are really struggling be it a glitch of lost eggs whatever. Go through your list and find those who need enough donuts to get a whacking permit or need some more to get the rock. Help them and you help yourself.

So, Lisa’s task lets you see how many snakes your friends have in their inventories. Next time you send her on this task, take a look at the numbers for each town. Jot down the IDs of any of your friends that seem to be playing but also seem to be struggling with hitting snake targets. Then send Lisa to Other Springfield to carry out her task – DO NOT send her to a friend’s town!

When you come to visit your friends, make sure you visit the people who are having trouble hitting their targets and make a generous egg drop. It’s not an egg buddy thing, or anything that you would necessarily expect that friend to return – it’s just something to help out a friend and maybe they’ll pay it forward (if your friend also reads this blog, there’s a good chance they will). And if we’re all doing this, then maybe all the readers of this blog will reach those snake targets and win every prize.

Thanks Robert for suggesting this and coming up with a way to use Lisa’s task positively.

Note: While some people are reporting “Other Springfield” as Lisa’s only option, most people can still see all their friends.