Here’s a great tip from Renosis:

Spell out your name in eggs in your friend’s town. I have done this with several of my friends. It takes about 100 eggs to spell out my name, but it is well worth it because several of these friends have come back and spelled out their own names. We are now in a sort of unspoken competition of who can leave the fanciest looking name spelled out in eggs. Great fun and they usually end up becoming an ‘Egg Buddy’ that you wouldn’t have had before.

And here’s some more advice from Robert:

…you can lays eggs anytime you want. You have to wait 24 hrs for the timer to reset buildings and spawn your snakes but you can go in lay snakes any time you want with no penalty. Still testing but this gives you more time to revisit those towns and be creative in your egg drop. I had fun in one town laying 40 or so around the Christmas tree by the church.

Try it out and see what happens!