Fort Sensible is the first prize in the Whacking Day event, and the only one of the Whacking Day buildings to have no tasks or quests associated with it. It’s Whacking Day’s Pimento Grove – only much, much browner.

Because it looks like it should be sitting in mud, Fort Sensible is a tricky building to place. I’ve had a couple of goes at placing it, and I think its come to its final resting place next to Mount Carlmore, where I seem to be building some kind of island for difficult to place structures that could be tourist attractions.

What have you done with Fort Sensible? Take a screenshot, upload it to an image site (or Dropbox) and post a link here – or just tell everyone what you’ve done. You can also send it through Twitter to @TSTOTips (but my apologies to everyone on Twitter – the traffic here over the past few days has kept me from answering Twitter questions as well).