A slight update: As many of you have reminded me, the first 24 hours was actually a snakeless task, so the snake-whacking part of the event actually runs for 29 days (30 days including that first no-snake day). That has an impact on where you are now and where you should be – so here are some revised numbers.

Thanks to Adam for suggesting this post – a daily update to help you check where you should be in your snake whacking to get all the prizes!

The Whacking Day event started on April 10 US (a day ahead of schedule) – but the real whacking didn’t begin until Homer and Lisa completed their first 24-hour task. From April 11, then, it runs for 29 days until May 9 US (as currently scheduled). To get the first level of prizes, you need 12,500 snakes before the event ends – and to get all the Whack Boxes as well you need 22,500 of them. So, depending on your goal, where do you need to be by the time April 17 is over in the US?

To get all 10 prizes, you need to whack around 431 snakes a day every day throughout the event. To get all the Whack Boxes too, you need to whack around 775 snakes. April 17 is Day 7 so, allowing for some rounding:

To get all the 10 prizes: you’ll need to have whacked 3,017 snakes by the end of the day in the US.
To get all the prizes and all 10 Whack Boxes: you’ll need to have whacked 5,425 snakes by the end of the day in the US.

Here’s a comment from Stu, though, that puts those numbers in a little perspective:
I would venture to say that you could actually have a few less than 3336 at this point and still make 12500. Here’s my reasoning: if one did not use donuts to get the whacking license, it actually took a few days to start whacking snakes in others’ towns. As such, your snake per day ratio will not be EXACTLY even for each day. In other words, you could start out slow, gain momentum, then still achieve 12500.

These posts will be appearing every day at roughly this time, when it’s morning in America. And please feel free to correct my calculations.