That’s a very good question. Sometimes very, very quickly and sometimes things take a little longer.

As I’ve pointed out in a number of posts on different parts of the Tapped Out social game, our game is truly global, and involves millions of people across the globe playing in a variety of different time zones in a variety of different languages and across different platforms and providers. Particularly during big events, the servers seems to have a hard time keeping up and this is actually perfectly normal, although it can be frustrating.

Rooster put it this way in a comment on another post:

Think about the MILLIONS of people playing this game. Waiting 3 days for it to sync up is no problem for me. With all of the work they put into this game, and as many people playing, you know their servers are on overdrive. Plus, it is a freemium game, so overall itโ€™s free, we canโ€™t complain too much. Just relaxโ€ฆ:)

It’s important to remember that just because you can see them in your friend’s town doesn’t mean that your friend can see them yet. And whether or not the eggs are delivered quickly or appear a day or so later has nothing to do with where that person is in relation to you. Yesterday, for example, I made a drop to my son and only half of them appeared. Today, the rest were there. The day before, the eggs he delivered me all appeared all at once. These are transaction that are made via your local 3/4G or WiFi providers sending messages to servers that are, in many cases, thousands of miles from where you are now, and then sending messages back to the friend sitting right next to you that plant eggs in his or her town. No wonder there are often delays!

So, as Rooster suggests, be patient. Those eggs you sent will show up – as will the eggs that have been sent to you.