Hi all,

Regular readers, you can just move on. You already know how it works here. New readers, however, should take a moment to read this post. Because in a week where I look like hitting 3 million page views in the same week I hit 2 million, I’m getting the feeling today that not everyone gets it.

I’m not EA or even associated with EA in any way – I’m just a guy who enjoys the game as much as you do. And that’s an important point – one guy and not EA. I started this blog as a place for people to get information about the game as I felt that the Facebook page and the forums didn’t really work for most people.

I understand that when things don’t work in the game you get frustrated – I do as well, and even more so when I have to write about the glitches as well as play through them. I would far prefer that everything worked perfectly all the time. Which means that when things go wrong or you don’t have the information you need when you need it, there’s no point in getting abusive with me. And given the number of posts today that have asked me to do some things with my update that are honestly physically impossible there are probably some who really need to know that.

Also, there are many times when, together with the readers of this blog, we try try and work out things together. When I’m wrong or have missed something critical, I usually correct the post right away. But when I believe I’m right, I stand by it. I appreciate counter-arguments or theories (and typo corrections!), but only when they’re politely expressed. And from now on, anything that I feel is even slightly rude, abrupt, abusive or expressed without any consideration for the feelings of the person reading it (either me or the person being responded to) won’t pass moderation. There are a couple that have got through today simply because I was clearing 1000 comments very quickly. If you want to be abusive about something, there’s an entire Facebook page where you can do that!

Some other points:

– Please don’t spam regular comment threads with “Add me’s” – it gets in the way of real discussion and information sharing. That’s what the Add Friends page is for.
– Please be patient when I’m away from the blog – there are many other things in my life. Posting the same comment many times means that i get to everything just a little bit more slowly. Because of the way this blog works and the huge amount of male-specific medication ads that come through the junk mail, I’m never going to let comments go through unmoderated, so you’ll just need to hold tight.
– Use the search function or the Whacking Day page to see if your question has already been answered. A lot’s been covered, so there’s a high probability that the answer you’re looking for is somewhwre here.

And if you’re here regularly and have stayed all the way to the end of this post, thanks so much for your thought, comments and contributions. Please keep them coming.


P.S.: To all my regular visitors, don’t worry too much about my mood – my 16-year-old son has suggested that the soundtrack to this post should be Titanium (David Guetta and Sia). It’s playing now and it works for me!