This is the third part of the Whacking Day quest waklkthrough – you can find the first two parts on the Whacking Day page here.

This stage of the quest involves Ned, Lisa and Principal Skinner (although he’s misspelt as Principle Skinner). In this stage, each character needs to be free for his or her task to come up – and you finally find out what Skinner’s 24-hour “Hide From Lisa” task is all about!

Just one point to note before getting on with the walkthrough – there are three 24-hour tasks coming up. While you may want to use your donuts to speed them up get through them and see what’s coming, be like Ned and resist the temptation. There are far better uses for those precious donuts.

1. Whacking Day Part 9 Ned steps up to protect Milhouse who, when we left him, had just finished getting bullied by snakes:

And that begins another 24 hours that Ned will spend sending the snakes back to Hell. Keep Lisa free when he finishes.

2. Whacking Day Part 10 Despite being academically gifted, Lisa has a little spelling issue. This may simply be due to her assuming that Principal Skinner is on the same wavelength as her regarding Whacking Day. His principles differ slightly, though:

Principal Skinner: Certainly Lisa. My door is always open. How about…
Lisa: We need to STOP this dreadful snake massacre immediately. It’s cruel.
Principal Skinner: …next Wednesday at 11:30pm?
Lisa: But that’s way past my bedtime!
Principal Skinner: Sorry Lisa, gotta run.
If you’ve just started playing the game, you’ll need to get to level 10 in the regular game and build Springfield Elementary before you can continue the quest. If you already have Principal Skinner, you’ll need to send him to hide from Lisa for the next 24 hours. Keep Lisa free as comes out of hiding.

3. Whacking Day Part 11 Lisa is convinced that Skinner is trying to avoid her. Skinner denies it, of course:

And back he goes into hiding for another 24 hours.

The walkthrough will continue with Lisa and Willie…