After sitting in the files for many, many months, Ninja Homer finally joins the game as part of the Whacking Day event. Unfortunately, as he’s a premium character, that means some of you won’t be adding him (although you can take a look at this post on the pros and cons of buying him if you’re still thinking about it).

But whether you’ve bought him or not, here’s a walkthrough of his quest. Lisa begins it all by raising some of her deeper concerns over Whacking Day…

1. Wing Chung for Dummies Homer may be her dad, but he’s probably the last one in Springfield that she should share any of her Whacking Day concerns with:

Homer: Yes honey
Lisa: Then what should I do?
Homer: Just squeeze your rage into a bitter little ball and release it an appropriate time. Like I did that day I hit the referee with a whiskey bottle. Remember that?
Lisa: Yeah…
And off Homer goes to spend an hour fake-whacking pretend snakes in preparation for the big day. When he finishes, though, there’s a conversation between Lisa and Homer to prompt you to buy him more practice snakles at 10 donuts each. Resist.

2. Getting Carried Away Part 1 Homer thinks that the time has come to step it up a bit… and so he heads off to smash up Flanders’ House for 4 hours. Unfortunately, as he does all the smashing indoors, so you don’t get to see him do any of it. (The windows on Flander’s House shatter at the start of this task!)

3. Getting Carried Away Part 2 Ned is horrified by all the damage to his house:

Homer: Ummm…no…Although I did see some snakes loitering outside your house. I think they were in a snake gang.
Ned: Looks like those snakes are getting too big for their boots. It’s time to take action.
Homer: Yay! I’ll rally the troops.
Homer goes off to steer the mob in wise directions – although as this takes 8 hours inside the Simpsons’ House, that wise direction is probably the sofa.

4. I am Bruce Lee and the Snakes are my Check Norris Now, convinved that all fake snakes fake fear the power of the ninja, Homer spends the next 12 hours twirling his whacking stick outside his house. However, he doesn’t seem to be in as good a shape as he’ll need to be for all the Whacking Day exertions to come:


5. Oh Whacking Day To finish off the quest, Homer, full of emotion, sings the Whacking Day song, then goes inside to spend 24 hours polishing his whacking stick!

And that’s where his quest ends.