A number of Android players have commented that when they try to add friends in Origin, their potential new friends are showing up as not having the game. Others have reported searching for user names of people wanting to be added but not being able to find them. And still others have been unable to add very many people at all. The best advice on this is to relax – it’s, unfortunately, all perfectly normal!

Under normal circumstances, it can take anywhere up to 3 days for a new Origin user to appear and show up as being able to play the game, regardless of where they are in relation to you. With some my real-life friends living nearby (and in my household), my friend was able to see and visit my town days before they even appeared among on my friend list.

Android users, like Apple players, have a 100 friend limit. But the limit isn’t just about how many people you can add – it’s also about what happens when you adtry to add someone. If you try to add a friend who is already at their limit, then you’ll get an error message. Given how fast I’ve seen the Add Friends list move on this page over the past few days, it’s quite possible that some of the people you’re trying to add have reached their limit very quickly, and that means you won’t be able to add them, no matter how many times you try.

So, the bottom line is to be patient – something very similar has happened for Apple players at almost every big event. As the week goes on, things should settle. Just remember – it’s probably not you, it’s the Origin social servers having a hard time keeping up!