This question has come up frequently in the comments and that’s for two reasons: Whacking Day is such a busy event and there are so many Android players visiting the neighbors for the first time. So here’s a bit of a Whacking Day guide to being a good neighbor-eeno. If you think there’s anything that’s missing, please feel free to add to suggest it in the comments, and I’ll post a definitive version later in the week.

1. As far as possible, visit your neighbors regularly. While once a day isn’t always possible for busy people, try to cover everyone as regularly as you can.

2. Plan to visit when the town is ready for its 3 daily actions – that way you can help your friend as well as help yourself (and possibly reduce the risk of having to recapture your own snakes as well).

3. Don’t just go into whack snakes and leave. Remember to tap on buildings, leave graffiti, or clean up any graffiti you see. All of these help your friend in some way (although many people hate the graffiti). Give as well as take!

4. If you’re tapping on buildings, tap on the most expensive ones you can see. It helps them regenerate faster in your friend’s town.

5. If you’re whacking snakes in someone’s town, consider leaving them, at the very least, the eggs that come from those snakes.

6. Send Lisa to the Other Springfield to release snakes rather than a friend’s town to avoid reducing the number of snakes any of your freinds have – after all, it’s so time-consuming to collect them that it’s really disheartening to see those numbers go down.

Is there anything else that you think needs adding? Let us know.