The Whacking Prize list contains some great new buildings to add to your Springfield:

– At 150 snakes, you get Fort Springfield (more on that in a post coming up in the next day or so)
– At 4250 snakes, you get Duff Stadium
– At 10000 snakes you get the Springfield Coliseum with Tatum
– At 12500 snakes you get the Sleep-Eazy Motel with Miss Springfield

Because of a long-standing Inventory glitch that’s affecting some people, it’s really important that you have land available for these so that you can place them and build them right away. And that’s because one consequence of not doing so is losing the building forever.

What should happen (and, in fact has happened to most people) is that if you’re not ready to build it, it should go in your inventory. You can find your inventory by tapping on your build menu and looking for the cardboard box at the bottom left corner of your screen. Tap on this, and you can see everything you have in storage:

But for some people, it’s just not there. It seems that the inventory is malfunctioning for some, although for most players it’s working perfectly. On the positive side, in recent weeks that’s meant occasionally finding multiple Springfield Falls, Fruit-Bat-Signals, or Gorgeous Grampa costumes (and that’s the reason why some towns appear to have two Balance Beams for Gymnastics Lisa). On the negative side, it’s meant that some of these free items disappear completely – and that’s already happened to a number of players with Fort Sensible.

If you lose a free building, it’s almost certain that you’ll never get it back – so make sure you’ve already bought enough land to put it on before you win it. The rule to follow is this: if it’s free, build it right away! While this is a glitch that may not be affecting your game, why take chances?