With many premium items so expensive, cheap premium items can be a bit tempting – and the Whacking Day event has given us a range of Practice Snakes in a variety of different colors for only 10 donuts each. So what do they do and are they worth spending your donuts on?

Before you spend your hard-earned or -won donuts on these, there are a few things you should know:
1. They’re really very, very small.
2. They don’t generate or earn you any extra snakes.
3. None of your regular characters ever use them.
4. They’re only really useful if you have Ninja Homer as well – he uses then as part of his 1 hour task.
5. If you have Ninja Homer, a Practice Snake comes with him, anyaway.

If you don’t have Ninja Homer, the only benefit any of the Practice Snakes gives you is a slight boost of 0.25% to the money and XP you collect from your character’s jobs. If this is all you’re looking for, then by all means pick one or two up. But if you’re on a donut budget, there are far better ways to spend them

So, the bottom line – if you don’t have Ninja Homer, the Practice Snakes may not be quite the bargain they seem to be. And even if you do have Ninja Homer, just how many Practice Snakes does he really need?