Until today, I thought there were only two ways to get the Whacking Day prizes before the event ends on May 9. It turns out that there are actually three! So, let’s count the ways…

1. Whacking Snakes
This is the arduous route and the only route to take if you don’t like spending real-world cash on donuts. To make the most of this route, an egg buddy, either in an exclusive or an open relationship, will be essential in helping you to get the 12,500 snakes you need. The great things about taking this route, though, is that all those prizes remain completely free!

If you’re enjoying all the whacking and don’t mind a little donut expenditure, however, you can always buy the Snake Rocks, Stump or Trunk to generate even more snakes for even more whacking.

2. Donuts
The donut route works for those with more money than time. Each time you get to a new prize level a donut option comes up, as you can see below. If you pay the donuts, you get to jump a prize level, and you’re automatically credited with the number of snakes you would have won to get to that level.

3. Whacking plus Donuts
The third way is something I discovered today (and I was so surprised that I almost forgot to take any kind of screenshot, so all you get is the Confirm Donut Spend warning on my purchase) – the more snakes you whack towards your goal, the more the donut price drops. Halfway to the number of snakes I needed to get the Duff Stadium, I checked the prize screen – and the donut price had also dropped by half from the 110 donuts you can see above, to just 55 donuts. For me, that made it affordable -so I bought it. After all, this blog is giving me very little snake-whacking time at the moment!

Duff Stadium went into my Inventory to take out and build, and I was credited with those snakes I would otherwise had to have whacked to get there.

So, if you don’t mind spending some donuts, that’s the third way to get all the prizes – there’s still a lot of whacking involved, but if you don’t mind a little donut expenditure, you only need to do just enough whacking to make the donut price a bit more reasonable. Take the approach that works best for you.