I have a soft spot for limited-time premium premium characters that come with buildings, even when they happen to be quite expensive, as Lugash and his Gym is at 175 donuts. Is he worth the price, though? Read on and see if you come to the same conclusion that I do…

Here are some reasons why he’s worth the 175 donuts:
1. Lugash and his building come together, and a premium character with a premium building is always a tempting combination.
2. His tasks all earn the premium rate of at least 50% more than regular characters for tasks of the same length.
3. He has a quest (and there’ll be a separate post on that) – and it certainly raises a smile at least.
4. If you have Lugash, you’ll also get a couple of extra stages to the Gymnastic Lisa quest at the third prize level (the quest still completes, but it’s shorter without Lugash – more on that soon, as well).
5. He’s a limited time character, which means that there’s a very good chance that if you don’t buy him during Whacking Day, you won’t ever be able to buy him again.
6. He has a task to attend anger management classes at the Adult Education Annex, which means that Lenny is no longer alone in using that particular building.
7. He’s a voiced character.
8. He is Lugash!

And a couple of reasons on the other side:
1. The price is probably the main reason to give you pause. He’s one of the more exepensive offerings in the premium store.
2. You can play your game and the Whacking Day event perfectly well without him – like all items in the premium stores, he adds to the game and not having him doesn’t affect your progress in any way.

As you can see, I’d certainly recommend buying Lugash – if only to be able to have a character that you can make intimidate children and confiscate their pets!