When you go into Baton mode, the game rather helpfully tells you that your friends have left you eggs:

It can be quite frustrating if you can’t find them, though. And while I was able to find four of these quite easily, three of them took a little longer, and one egg is still eluding me.

There are a number of possible reasons why some of the aparently delivered eggs are nigh on impossible to find:

1. They’re hidden really, really well because some of your friends are still a little miffed about the lack of an Easter event and are making up for it by giving you a Snake Egg hunt. You’ll need to go into your move menu and make the buildings see-through to find some of them.

2. There’s a server delay causing a lag in some of the eggs appearing – testing this out with my son, a patch of the eggs that I had delivered to him in one bundle only appeared much later.

3. There’s a counter error in the notifications – although it’s good at letting you know when eggs have been planted in your town, it’s somehow getting the numbers slightly wrong.

So if, after a bit of egg hide-and-seek, you can’t find all the eggs the game has told you have been delivered to you, then it’s reasonable to blame the server or a counter glitch for the anything that’s missing.

And, by the way, this screenshot shows where 3 of my missing eggs were: