The Whacking Day Guide that you can find by hitting the “i” next to your snake and egg count on the main screen of your game tells you how the event works. One of the things it says is: “Some snake eggs contain donuts!” But has anyone actually found any of these?

I’ve cracked a couple of thousand eggs now and have yet to see 1 donut – and many people commenting on other posts have had the same experience. But one theory is that there are no donuts inside the regular eggs – they’re only inside the eggs available for 3 donuts in the premium store.

Honestly, I’ve been wondering why these are there at all – why would you spend donuts on something that you always seem to have more than enough of, except as a way to gift donuts to friends? Lee, a regular reader of this blog, tested out this theory with a real-life friend, though, and there were no donuts to be found in the premium eggs he bought and dropped off. Now it may simply be that the odds of finding a donut even in the premium eggs are quite low (I’ve heard but can’t confirm 1%). But if that’s the case, that doesn’t make them a very attractive purchase – even at the low, low price of 3 donuts!

The other theory is that the donuts containing eggs appear at a later stage of the event. At the moment, I have no information on whether or not that’s the case. The Whack Boxes that appear after you reach the top prize level certainly contain donuts (or the chance to win them) – but the Whacking Guide doesn’t seem to be referring to those.

So, if anyone has found any donuts in any eggs, please let us all know. Otherwise, I think it might be time to stop looking – unless, of course, you’ve found donuts and can give us all hope!