I’m (Rcsprinter) here breaking from the weekly tradition of  “Outsiders’ Musings” while still giving you a little something to think about.

While browsing the net looking for interesting stuff to share with the gamers of Tapped Out, I came across this interesting Reddit forum which asks

If The Simpsons was shot in live-action, which actors would you pick to play the people of Springfield?

Even if you aren’t an avid viewer of the show, most of the major characters appear in the game so you should have an idea of what they look like, and for most of them, their voices (see here for why some don’t have voices).

On the page there are some fabulous suggestions, with some 904 comments as to who would be good. Please comment below with your nominations! I’ll find the most frequent eight for one character later in the week and we’ll have a proper poll to see who would play them.