Where we left of in the first part of the walkthrough, Apu was just recovering from what was probably the most ill-judged in-store promotion in the entire history of in-store promotions (you can read about that here). When he finishes cleaning up, though, the quest continues.

Just a reminder: this quest doesn’t seem to work like the others we’re used to. Except at a couple of points, the characters don’t need to be free for the next stage of the quest to appear. In fact, for each of the parts below, the dialog boxes will come up without a character walking around with an exclamation mark over his or her head to tell you that he or she has something to say. The quest then sits in your task book ready to begin when the character is free.

Homer needs to be free, though, to begin the next stage of the quest and it’s also a good idea to try and keep Lisa free at each key point. Quest progression is a little glitchy at the moment, so the ease with which all this has happened for me may not be your experience:

1. Whacking Day Part 5 Homer wants Ned to get involved in all the Whacking Day fun:

Ned: Oh I couldn’t. Killing defenseless animals is wrong.
Homer: Just pretend you’re Ehud, and the snakes are Eglon, king of Moab.
Ned: I don’t know where you got such an obscure Biblical reference, but it works for me.
And Ned goes off to spend 24 hours sending the snakes back to Hell.
2. Whacking Day Part 6 Cletus is the next to get involved:

Homer: If you need a weapon, what about that shotgun in your back pocket?
Cletus: Doesn’t seem very sporting…
Homer: Oh, Cletus. Whacking Day is just like any other beloved tradition: the point is to murder as many snakes as possible. By any means necessary.
Cletus: Well said, fat man.
So, Cletus takes Homer’s advice and spends the next 12 hours shooting snakes.
3. Whacking Day Part 7 Lisa isn’t taking any of this well:

Homer: They also committed the crime of being slimy. And the crime of scaring Indiana Jones.
Lisa: Those aren’t crimes!
Thoroughly appalled, Lisa goes off to spend the next 5 hours releasing snakes from another town. And if you really want to be a good neighbor, send her to Other Springfield for this, rather than reducing the hard-won snake count of any of your friends.
4. Whacking Day Part 8 It’s Milhouse’s turn next, and despite being bigger and stronger than the snakes, he spends 12 hours getting bullied by them (Note: If you’ve just started the game, though, you’ll need to reach level 8 and build the van Houten House in the regular quests before you can get Milhouse to carry out this particular task).

Ned will need to be free for Part 9 of the quest to appear, and you can read about this when the walkthrough continues…