The Whacking Day quest is quite long and should keep you going for several days. It seems to operate differently from the quests that we’re used to in that, except where indicated, the characters don’t need to be free for you to get the next stage of the quest. if they’re not free, the quest seems to come up, but they start just as soon as they’re ready. That means you don’t need to use donuts to speed anything up (and, honestly, you should never hit that donut button to skip or get through a quest anyway – it really is a waste of donuts).

For people just joining the game, none of the great Whacking Day stuff appears until you complete Whacking Day Part 1. When Homer and Lisa are done, the world of Whacking Day is miraculously revealed, and you’ll be able to whack away to your heart’s content. Until then, though, you’ll just have to do what the game tells you to do and wait patiently for the 24 hours it takes Whacking Day Part 1 to complete.

So, on with the walkthrough – it’s going to take several posts:

1. Whacking Day Part 1 Homer notices that something’s up with Lisa:

Lisa: It’s Whacking Day.
Homer: Woohoooo! the greatest day of the year!
Lisa: but Dad, killing snakes is eveil.
Homer: You know what snakes are, rght? Slimy, slithery guys? Always up to no good? Deserve a good solid whacking?
Lisa: Just try to whack quietly, please, so I can get some work done.
So, for the next 24 hours, Lisa does next week’s homework while Homer runs around Springfield on a snake hunt. As soon as they finish, you’ll see the Whacking Guide, letting you know that Whacking Day has begun!

2. Whacking Day Part 2 With Whacking Day in full swing, the next part of the quest is easy. 50 snakes are slithering around your Springfield. You just have to whack and collect them all following a conversation between Ned and Homer.
3. Whacking Day Part 3 Apu is never one to miss out on a chance for some extra cashflow. The Kwik-E-Mart is now the official Whacking Day headquarters, and he has an idea for a promotion:

Apu runs the Whacking Day promotion for the next 24 hours. It doesn’t end well, though.

4. Whacking Day Part 4 Realizing he should have put more thought into his promotion, Apu now has to do an 8-hour shift to clean everything up.

The walkthrough will continue…